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Brand: 3Guys
BASIC OPERATIONS 24-hour Base Nbsp; His battery has a 250 mAh with a duration of 8 days in standby mode, 4 days of operation and 2 hours of charging. Has a touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 px. Features built-in microphone and loudspeaker. Has the ability to answer calls and make cal..
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Ex Tax:68.55€
Brand: 3Guys
BASIC OPERATIONS date, month, year, chronograph, alarm clock & Nbsp; Padding: 0px; Box-sizing: IMPORTANT DATA Case of Enhanced Plastic and Metal Frame. < BR STYLE = "MARGIN: 0px; Padding: 0px; Box-Sizing: Inherit; Border: None;"> Has a touch screen with 320 x 240 pixels. The battery has a 230 ..
85.00€ 95.00€
Ex Tax:68.55€
Brand: 3Guys
BASIC OPERATIVES date, chronograph, alarm clock & Nbsp; IMPORTANT DATA Take alerts to calls, messages and applications. Calendar. Motively use the photographic and music of the mobile. Detect your cell phone. has a touch screen with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Do you make outgoing calls ..
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Angel New York Clock with Gold Bracelet and White Zircon < / Span>..
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Air Hollywood Breeze, Stainless Steel and Blue Rubber Strap...
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Women's Women's Watch Breeze by Bronze Stainless Steel with White Kantran Filler, Zircon Stones and Bracelet...
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